‘Creating the right impression’ | Glasgow | 4–7 June 2017

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This year’s speakers and sessions

Jim Tudor

Jim Tudor

Keynote, Future Index

40 Sparks to Inspire Print, Design and Creativity in Higher Education

Founder of the Future Index®, Jim Tudor, is on a mission to make HE marketing brilliant.His unique style is fast-paced, image-led and designed to inspire, sometimes complete with stickers and sheets, or voting technology, to help the audience interact.

Cathy Skoglund

Cathy Skoglund

Arizona State University Print & Imaging Lab

Creating the right impression

Cathy will reveal how she is creating an in-house facility where students, faculty, staff and industry can work together in a live working environment producing marketing materials for the University.

Stephen McCAnn

Stephen McCAnn

Head of Photographic and Print Units, Glasgow University

Resolution bytes again

Proud to wear a kilt and to welcome you to his backyard, ACPME’s born and bred Glagwegian Stephen heads the Photographic Unit at the city’s 550 year old seat of learning.

Back by popular demand, Stephen will pick up where he left off in Torquay with gems about streamlining your photography workflow and harnessing the power of Adobe Bridge. Expect audience particpation, practical demonstrations and mucho pathetic banter.

Graham Ross

Graham Ross

Business Improvement Manager, University of Strathclyde

Lean Processes 2

Graham previously ran his own successful company which provided consultancy and training services in the field of Lean transformation. His clients included the Legal Services Commission of England and Wales, the Home Office, the Royal Courts of Justice, and the NHS.

Co-author of two books ‘Tools for Success’ and ‘Practical Quality’, Graham helps operational leadership, step-by-step, to understand what they need to do, to create and sustain a culture of Continuous Improvement within their organisation.

This session will clearly define value and waste, including examples from HE and an exercise to help attendees start to think about value and waste at their institutions.

Jan Edgecombe

Jan Edgecombe

Revolution Digital

Colour management

Jan has more than 10 years experience installing solvent and aqueous large format printers with most of the popular proofing and production rip softwares.

His packaging prototyping customers include Multi Packaging Solution, International Greetings, Unilever, Cadbury (Mondelez), GSK and Graphic packaging International. So when it comes to achieving accurate repeatable colour, he has the experience to help you get the same.

Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer

Adobe & Lynda author

Content Velocity

Back by popular demand – following an engaging presentation at our 2015 Annual Conference. Tony is sure to bring bags of energy, tips and creativity.

In a world where the demand for content is in a tight, upward spiral, we need to be able to work faster, wrestle less with tools and collaborate more efficiently. It is time to start working like it’s 2017, not 1995 – find out how you can get ahead of the game.

Duncan Hurst

Duncan Hurst

Heriot-Watt University (retired)

Wisdom & tips

Duncan Hurst retired from his role as Director of Media Services at Heriot-Watt University. It was a turbulent period in which service provision across all of his sections was subjected to huge technological and business transitions – some good, some not so good and always accompaniedby crazy working hours.

Following his reflections in ACPME’s ‘pages’ magazine, Duncan returns to share more wisdom and tips.

Rachel McAssey

Rachel McAssey

Head of Process Improvement, University of Sheffield

Lean Processes 1

With over twenty years of experience working in a variety of roles in Higher Education.
Rachel is on the Lean HE Steering Committee www.leanhe.ac.uk and is Vice-Chair for the UCISA Project and Change Management Group.

Rachel’s team help colleagues redesign and review processes to improve their working life and to give a better service to students and staff.

Rachel’s session will include examples of how lean has been used as a methodology to improve processes and services in Higher Education. Plus an interactive exercise.

Alan Rae

Alan Rae

© Here

Copyright & image usage

Alan began his copyright career in 1988 when his then college Principal asked him to attend a meeting ‘with something called the CLA – I can’t find the person I want, so you’ll have to do’ – Alan has been looking for the missing person ever since!

After 34 happy years in Scottish Further Education, Alan now runs his own copyright consultancy, © Here, principally serving educational clients. Alan has served on a variety of copyright consultation groups through the years and works with the major collecting agencies on behalf of Scottish Further Education. He lectures on copyright and advises on all aspects of copyright law and legislation.

Alan’s presentation will be about copyright being an enabler, not a massive hurdle to be overcome every time someone wants to use someone else’s created content. And not something to be ignored, either, especially in the digital age and the prospect of the dreaded “Getty Letter”.

He’ll be using as many legal (and perhaps iffy) examples as he can to illustrate and entertain, showing that copyright can be completely silly, with some people taking risk aversion to extremes, when in fact, common sense, with a little help, particularly in education, can assist greatly and keep people away from infringement, financial loss, reputational damage – and jail!

Plus Question Time, AGM, discussion groups & more…

The theme reflects what we do in so many ways 

If a phrase could some up what our members do ‘Creating the right impression’ hits the nail right on the head. And not just because we print marks on paper that demand precision, accuracy and consistency from the very first sheet off the press to on-schedule delivery.

‘Creating the right impression’ is also about appealing to hearts and minds – changing perceptions, raising profiles and generating income. Not just the perceptions of the customers our unit’s serve directly (our academic and support staff, our students and our external clients), but also helping to influence how our institutions are perceived by the world. We play a supporting role in attracting the highest calibre students and staff, in bolstering our universities positions in league tables, in stimulating philanthropic giving, in contributing to scooping ever-more-significant awards, in showcasing the best of our research, in increasing student satisfaction – that leads to improved student survey results – and in demonstrating how our institutions fit responsibly into both the local communities they serve and the global market they now find themselves in.

And the pressure to create the right impression has never been greater.

We have to be able to demonstrate and articulate the funds we save, the value we bring and the benefits of our services to:

  • our universities – given the pressures on budgets (finance and procurement)
  • our unit’s customers – that can all choose to take their custom elsewhere
  • our units’ own staff – who we want to develop and retain
  • our line managers – who we want to recognise us personally
  • and, perhaps most importantly, our institutions’ diverse and increasingly-mobile customers and stakeholders

Think you can afford not to join in Glasgow because you’re too busy? Think again.

We’ll be discussing what your competitors are doing to stay a step ahead and add value. Whether it’s improving their student satisfaction with easier-to-use online print storefronts or introducing new products, driving efficiencies through printing exam papers more efficiently on better machines, or cleverly integrating printed collateral into into brand-building marketing campaigns  – we’ll be talking about ‘creating the right impression’.

You’ll leave full of fresh ideas, better prepared to tackle the challenges ahead and closer to a supportive network of creative and print professionals.

Whichever road you take (high or low) – we’ll see you in Scotland in June

A warm Scottish welcome at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

It’s a cracking conference venue on the picturesque banks of the River Clyde. Located conveniently only 20 minutes from Glasgow International Airport, you’ll enjoy 4-star accommodation in Scotland’s vibrant and bustling second city.

There‘ll be around 20 suppliers exhibiting – all relevant to what you do and wanting to listen to how they can help you achieve your goals – and around 50–60 delegates.

There’s a packed programme of presentations planned including sessions that you’ve told us you want to see again. The programme allows for ample networking and informal discussion between suppliers and delegates with developmental sessions to keep members informed of current trends across design and print.

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