Creative Climates Virtual Event

10am–4:15pm, Tuesday 1st December 2020

Make plans to join us for a uniquely immersive experience and engaging world of print, design and photography discussion.

Like you, we’re very sad not to see everyone face-to-face at our Annual Conference at Belton Woods, Lincolnshire. While there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction, we’re delighted to welcome everyone to our Creative Climates Virtual Event.

We’ll be hosting talks from professional speakers, members’ sessions, suppliers’ forum and a Covid-19 2020 Special Awards ceremony.

The event is free to attend and will include a Q&A with the speaker, audience participation through live polls and engagement with your suppliers.


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Our board have prepared a full and exciting programme. There really is something for everyone, whether you’re print, design or photography based or all three!

10:00 – 10:30 Welcome followed by 
  Keynote ‘Positivity in a Pandemic’ 
Billy Dixon, Professional speaker / Image consultant
10:30 – 11:30 Session 1 – Open Forum: Part 1 (3 simultaneous discussion groups led by the Board)  
Design: Earlier this year Adobe published a Creative Skills Report; Surveying creatives from more than 60 leading studios, from design to film, setting out to uncover which skills creatives consider to be key for success today and in the future. So 1. How do departmental creatives upskill at the moment and based on what intel? 2. What are the skills currently in demand? 3.And what are the emerging future digital skills? 4. Are there any inter-organisational skill sharing opportunities? Martin Parker / David Aitken
Print: With the recent rapid decline in print what have you done or can you do to ensure survival.  Has anyone introduced new products or taken on different types of work including external. Justin Gough, Birmingham City University / Lorna McKanna-Maulkin, University of Brighton
Photography:  How to undertake a photographic or video shoot safely in the new normal. Practical advice and suggestions from members and suppliers on how to maintain a safe way of working while shooting. Masks on or masks off or both!  Stephen McCann, University of Glasgow / Jon Shears, Loughborough University
11:30 – 11:45 Comfort break. Take this opportunity to visit our suppliers in their individual virtual booth
11:45 – 12:00 Session 2
Positive thoughts for uncertain times
Chelsie Marshall, Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)
12:00 – 12:15 Session 3
Getting Creative in a Crisis’ – Lightning talks from our members, learn how they have adapted their services during the pandemic
Paul Bishop, Sheffield Hallam University
Andrew Brockbank, Oxford Brookes University
Helen Clarke, Loughborough University
Dene Fletcher, University of Reading
12:15 – 12:45 Session 4 – Suppliers’ Forum
PrintVision: Introduction to Printvision. Lee Stapleford, Business Development Manager.
Konica Minolta: Connecting, optimising and automating your central communications. Jon Hiscock, Head of Professional Print Central Communications.
Ricoh UK Limited  Trishna Jethwa, WPS Service Advantage Development Director, and Carl Prescott, Principal Solutions Architect, Apex Supply Chain Technologies: Making the complex simple through smart locker solutions
12:45 – 13:00 Session 5 
  ‘Looking Good in a Virtual World’
Carol Hartfree, Imaging Specialist, Panasonic Lumix
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch. Another opportunity to visit our suppliers in their individual virtual booth
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14:00 – 14:30 Session 6 
What’s Hot in Photoshop and Creative Cloud
Tony Harmer, The Work Smarter, Not Harder Dojo (at Wizardry Ltd)
14:30 –15:00 Session 7 – Open Forum: Part 2  (3 simultaneous discussion groups led by the Board)   
Design: Martin Parker / David Aitken
Print: Future investment: creating business plans in the current climate to justify expenditure; how to market new services; investments in large format or other devices. Justin Gough, Birmingham City University / Lorna McKanna-Maulkin, University of Brighton
Photography: Mirrorless v Mirror DSLR – discussion as to whether mirrorless is really worth trading in your mirrored DSLR system for. Stephen McCann, University of Glasgow / Jon Shears, Loughborough University
15:00 – 15:15 Comfort break. Further opportunity to visit our suppliers in their individual virtual booth
15:15 – 15:45 Session 8 – Suppliers’ Forum
‘Xerox – Tools to Survive, Thrive and Prosper’, Kevin O’Donnell, Head of Marketing, Production Systems, Xerox UK, Ireland and the Nordics
‘The Value of Partnering with HP’, Ben Gowland, Education Print Account Manager, HP Inc
‘Managed Print driving digitisation and our new Inkjet Digital Production Press’ Barron, Head of Public Sector and Chris Matthews, Print Production Manager, Kyocera Document Solutions (U.K.)
‘From Capture to print: get creative with Canon’,  David Parry, Product Specialist and Steven Creighton, Showroom Manager, Canon UK
15:55 – 16:10 Session 9
  Working in the new normal: Its life, Jim, but not as we know it
Tejal Fatania, Senior Fellow, University of Warwick
16:10 – 16:15  ACPME 2020 Covid19 Special Awards followed by closing remarks
Categories: Best in-house service support of the institution during Covid-19
Best team member who went above and beyond during Covid-19
Best engagement by a supplier during Covid-19
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A great line-up of speakers

Billy Dixon

Billy Dixon

Professional speaker and image consultant

Professional speaker on resilience, team dynamics and personal branding. Advisor to several national leaders plus their parties in Britain and Europe. Consultancy services provided to the public, private and sporting sectors. Guest lecturer on five university MBA and PhD programmes.

Keynote presentation
With the media filled with wall to wall coronavirus coverage and another lockdown, everyone’s resilience is being tested. Are there any strategies that can reduce the decent into destructive habits and improve our mental health. Although there is no one clear answer that will suit everyone, there are proven techniques that can help.

This presentation will outline some of those techniques so that participants can put together a toolkit to help them work their way through these hard times.

Tejal Fatania

Tejal Fatania

Senior Fellow, University of Warwick

Tejal is a Senior Fellow at the University of Warwick. Tejal teaches on a range of master’s and post experience programmes. Prior to commencing his academic career, Tejal spend over 20 years in industry in senior HR and management consultancy roles in several global organisations including EY, Capgemini and Eon.

Presentation: Working in the new normal: Its life, Jim, but not as we know it
The Covid-19 global pandemic has had far reaching implications including changes to working life – some of which will be permanent. Tejal will talk about profound changes to working life and the implications for Universities and staff.

Helen Clarke

Helen Clarke

Print and Post Services Manager, Loughborough University

Helen has been at the University for 22 years. She started in the Finance Office working directly with the Head of Finance and the deputy Vice Chancellor on data analysis before moving to IT Services as support the Director of IT. The role diversified and she left having spent several years as the Finance Manager. Helen moved to Creative and Print Services as the Business and Finance Manager, undertaking several cross-service projects not least of which was the development and installation of the Online Shop. After 8 years in Creative and Print, including a six-month secondment to the Change Projects Team, she was presented with the opportunity to apply as the Operations Officer for the Engineering School that she couldn’t resist. She spent 3 years managing the finance team there and working on several cross-school projects. And now she’s back in Creative and Print as the Print and Post Services Manager.

‘Lightning talk’ – Getting creative in a crisis
Helen started this job in January 2020, with a 90-day plan to push the service forward and secure its position on campus. Covid hit and she had to get far more creative than she had imagined.

Dene Fletcher

Dene Fletcher

Print & Production Manager, University of Reading

Dene has worked for over 5 years the University of Reading and over 30 years within the print and design industry. He started in print sales and quickly progressed to account management and production, with experience across all print sectors. Prior to his current role, Dene was an Account Director for Williams Lea managing design and print projects for Microsoft, Volvo and a Philips pan European project.

‘Lightning talk’ – Getting creative in a crisis
Dene will explain how Creative and Print Services have supported the University throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and contributed to safe ways of working across their campuses.

Andrew Brockbank

Andrew Brockbank

Print Services Manager, Oxford Brookes University

Andrew’s career in print has spanned 32 years – most of them in a sales capacity in the private sector selling litho, digital and large format printing. For more than 20 years universities were amongst his customer base providing a basic understanding of how they operated and a liking of the vibe campuses. This to his role as Print Services Manager at Oxford Brookes University.

‘Lightning talk’ – Getting creative in a crisis
During the first lockdown the Oxford Brookes main campus store was refurbished in readiness to open in September. It was to be opened with a focus on food and would no longer stock stationery items. This presented Brookes Print with an opportunity to utilise its online shop and create a stationery click & collect service to staff and students. Andrew will tell us about the journey so far.

Tony Harmer

Tony Harmer

Chief Enchantments Officer, The Work Smarter, Not Harder Dojo (at Wizardry Ltd)

Chief Enchantments Officer at Wizardry Ltd, Tony Harmer (a.k.a The Design Ninja) is a creative Swiss-army-knife and learning-content author with a three-plus-decade career that has given him a broad experience base to draw upon including some time as a press operator, several years as a concept artist in IP development, and as an instructor in many applications, delivering graphic production training worldwide. He is the author of several video titles for LinkedIn Learning (formerly as well as running a growing channel on YouTube.

Tony is a popular speaker/presenter and his often-off-the-wall sessions always provide a ton of tips, techniques, insights and inspirations delivered with humour and enthusiasm that is totally infectious.

Presentation: What’s Hot in Photoshop and Creative Cloud
The latest version of all of the design applications in the Creative Cloud ecosystem is here, and in this session you’ll get to see for yourself what’s new, hot and exciting in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and more.

Carol Hartfree

Carol Hartfree

Panasonic Lumix Imaging Specialist

Carol is an Imaging specialist within the Panasonic Lumix Imaging team. She has over 18 years of professional photographer experience and has worked within the Lumix Imaging team for over 5 years. Carol’s experience of both the Lumix range of cameras and life as a professional photographer means she is a font of information and knowledge.

Presentation: Looking good in a virtual world
As online meetings and remote streaming become the norm you need to ensure that how you look online matches the content you are delivering. During this 15 minute session Carol will share her tips and tricks on camera positioning, lighting, audio and the myriad of other details which all add up to a professional and successful web meeting or content stream.

Chelsie Marshall

Chelsie Marshall

Scottish Association for Mental Health

Chelsie has a BSc Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Stirling and works for Scottish Association for Mental Health. She works in a ‘care at home’ service – providing support to individuals with complex mental health problems in a variety of ways, such as emotional support, household support, building resilience and crisis intervention.

Presentation: Looking after our well-being
Facing the Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most unsettling challenges many of us will face in our life. Whilst the pandemic has had a negative effect on so many aspects of our lives, there have been some positives to come from it. A huge positive from the national pandemic is that we now not only realise, but also appreciate how important it is to look after our own wellbeing on a regular basis – whether this be taking a day to relax and to pursue your favourite pastime, (virtually) socialising with friends or giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate in the current climate.

Although the pandemic will not last forever, the importance of looking after our well-being will and is something we must all continue to do when the 2020 pandemic becomes a distant memory.

Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop

Print Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

After finishing university and then travelling for 9 months Paul started his career in print at Watmoughs Financial Print based in Bradford in 1995, as a sales rep, before changing role to the Production Planner and ultimately the Production manager, by which time the company was known as Polestar and based in Leeds.  The division of Polestar that he worked for, specialised in sheet fed print.  The sheet fed division in Leeds was closed in 2004, so he moved to Loxleys printers in Sheffield as the Production Planner. After 9 months at Loxleys an opportunity came up to be the Print Manager at Sheffield Hallam University where Paul has led a team for 15 years.

‘Lightning talk’ – Getting creative in a crisis
Paul’s presentation will cover how his team managed to ensure that the Print Department at Sheffield Hallam University was an integral part of the plans to reopen the campus after the first lockdown. It will include the challenges they faced and how they overcame them to get to a situation where they printed almost 50,000 social distancing related signs.

We’re offering a programme of talks packed with tips and ideas to take your service to the next level, to demonstrate your relevance and to help your team thrive in the ‘new normal’.

You’ll have the chance to ask our speakers and suppliers questions, and to engage with colleagues from across the sector in break-out discussions.


The Creative Climates Virtual Event will conclude with the ACPME Covid-19 Special Awards. These awards will celebrate the great work you’ve been doing in-house to support your institution throughout the pandemic, specific contributions made by individual team members who have gone ‘above and beyond’ during Covid-19 and the best supplier engagement/support through these challenging times.

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Don’t’ forget to visit our sponsors in their  ‘virtual’ booths throughout the day. To give additional opportunities to visit, the ‘virtual’ booth will remain open on Wednesday 2 December for you to revisit at your leisure.

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