‘It would be an understatement to say that we were made to feel welcome!’

Conference is the highlight of our calendar – book now and we’ll see you in Norwich

Here’s what some first-time delegates had to say about Glasgow 2017…

Thanks from Brighton, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as a newbie but this conference surpassed my expectations. It would be an understatement to say that we were made  to feel welcome!

We are finally feeling human again and buzzing with ideas to revolutionise our service. If there is one thing that I can take from this conference it is that I am not alone, the sharing & group support is like no other and I applaud you for this.

We will definitely be booking for next year – so watch this space as there could be an award coming Brighton’s way!!!!!

Lorna McKanna-Maulkin

Print Services Manager, University of Brighton

I got something out of all the talks but especially enjoyed Jim Tudor and 50 great ideas. It was great to see the creativity and how to keep print alive and relevant in this digital age. I loved Cathy Skoglund from ASU – wow!!

I’ve already started thinking about it and what to wear when I get up on stage to accept the awards in 2018!

I was buzzing for days and full of ideas. It was good to see a face to the names of emails that come through. I won’t be worried now to drop the group an email when I need advice on anything.

Anna Prandy

Production Team Leader, Imaging, Design & Print Services, University of Bath

Thanks to all involved with the Conference. I am still buzzing with all the information and ideas I took away from just 2 and half days of talks. It’s a little bit of information overload, but in all the best ways.

I applaud all of those involved, from the teams in the back rooms that printed the materials, organised the speakers, arranged the goodie bags, and made sure the whole thing ran as smoothly as it did. There was a great mix of suppliers that catered to probably every aspect of the services we provide or are looking to implement.

Sláinte everyone, see you next year if not before.

Kirsty Alexander

Print Broker, Print Services, Cardiff University

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